Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jake Shannon Pays to Have Search Engine Results Manipulated

Just received the following email regarding Libertarian congressional candidate and erstwhile hypnotist/fitness trainer/human rights investigator/polymath/scientific wrestling expert Jake Shannon:

Dear [student x],

Seems like Jake Shannon irritated with your article about scientific wrestling, he posted jobs on elance and try to hire freelancer to get rid your article from search engine result.

His ID on elance: Jake_Wrestler
His posted job on elance: SEO expert needed to help push down smear-pieces..

Hiring freelancer to do negative press is irritating. I don`t like his act, so i report it to you
You should do something to counter his act

Best regards

Those of you who might read this and have a website of your own, I'd very much encourage you to link back to this post. Shannon's years-long campaign to destroy scientific wrestling's real competition by way of scurrilous attacks, character assassination, and outright lies, should not be rewarded simply because the sneaky little prick knows some computer coding, and is flush enough with funds from his latest con to hire an expert to launch some sort of new attack.

Here's Shannon's job listing:
SEO expert needed to help push down smear-pieces.. google rankings.

I stood up to a bully blogger, now he is trying to smear and damage my reputation, despite having a business with a stellar reputation.

I need someone with experience pushing unwanted articles to the second or third pages of google's search effectively (or otherwise getting rid of them).

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Jake Shannon
What I wrote was accurate and completely sourced. That should count for something.

Here's who took the gig.

Essentially, Shannon paid someone $450 to try to get into my code, place personal info (to frame me for identity theft), and then complain to Google (to remove indexing) and have my host shut me down.

It's a more high tech version of a Google Bomb, I guess.

Alternately, they'll try to do something to have my site moved down in the rankings.

I told you, this guy is a snake of the worst sort. And now he's paying someone to make sure you don't know.


Thanks. And happy Thanksgiving, everybody (else)!